T-800+ Evaluation Kit

Available for purchase or for a 4-month-partnership-trial

How to start with tactility for robots? Our T-800+ evaluation kit is the answer.

Based on the plyon® flex sensor platform, the T-800+ evaluation kit is a holistic solution to give cobots the sense of touch. The T-800+ was thought and designed to allow you to experience quickly, easily and affordably the potential of taroki® for your robotics and automation applications. 

Made with 2x4 sensing elements ("taxels"), the T-800+ evaluation kit is built from a solid aluminium housing and covered by robust and flexible tactile boards. It comes with all you need for an easy start: 

- 2x taroki jaws to install on your robot gripper (including the necessary screws and washers)

- 2x extra tactile boards (in the unlikely event you would break one)

- 1x the dedicated taroki electronics to connect to your Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi not included)

- 2x SPI cables to connect the taroki jaws to the taroki electronics

- an SD card flashed with the latest version of the dedicated taroki® visualization software

- our outstanding live technical support via the dedicated taroki® Slack channel, onboarding call and direct contact to our developers - no customer support agents (available on working days, 9 am to 5 pm CET)

The T-800+ evaluation kit is compatible with all significant gripper brands (OnRobot, Robotiq, Franka Emika and others - please contact us if you are using a different brand!) and comes with a dedicated URCap plugin for the Universal Robots' users. 

Why should you get the T-800+? 

 We are working hard to release the next generation of the taroki® platform. This release will be a revolution in the world of robotics and automation. 

This revolution will, however, require new ways of thinking and working. Our evaluation kit (also available for a 4-month-partnership-trial, please contact us for more information) is therefore here for you and your team to understand what taroki® will change to your applications so that you can anticipate what the future of automation will look like. 

Starting with the T-800+ is also a way to directly integrate the application of your choice to the next release of the taroki® product: let us know what you need, let us know what you want, to get a product that meets your requirements and gives you a competitive advantage over past solutions. 

Are you ready to be at the frontline of the tactile revolution?

Installation Video

€ 2,000.00 EUR

Excluding VAT and shipping.