Sensor Kit for Robotic Grippers

Teaching robots to feel tactile sensations

Gripper sensor kit by tacterion

Adaptive and versatile.

A holistic solution to give robots the sense of touch.

Tactility in robotic automation

taroki® gives robots the sense of touch.

Extended Control

Enable a precise robot control with tactile and adaptive gripping sensors. Use a new dimension of grip data to optimize your processes

Precise Measurement

Measure gripping forces in real time and directly at the effector to eliminate uncertainties and provide a reliable system consistency

Innovative Progress

A new dimension of contact parameters. Utilize the advances of tactile gripping and invest resources into innovation instead of configuration
Simple implementation, significant results

A significant value for every application.

The taroki® sensors transmit gripping data with a latency of only 1ms. By utilizing the high sampling rate of 120hz in automated pick-and-place processes, speed and handling of processes can be modified adaptively in real time
Robots can now detect the type and quality of the grip and automatically adjust parameters accordingly. This also simplifies the programming process since the robot is now able to react to external and dynamic parameters
A simple installation on your existing grippers will make complex systems for quality and position-determination obsolete. Invest in the modularly expandable taroki solution instead of expensive, static and maintenance-prone systems
taroki® disrupts the technical status quo

Technical features you have never seen before.

Highly adaptive.
Different applications require different sensors. The taroki® team is always solution-oriented. We produce sensors with different characteristics to match your application in the best possible way
Long lasting and robust.
The tactile sensors from taroki® are made for the most challenging industrial applications. Tested for multi-million cycle times, they are built to work where your robots operate
Impressively precise.
Due to a high sampling rate and a division into several tactile elements, so-called "taxels", applications using taroki® are very accurate. Our temporal and spatial resolution has a sensitivity approaching the one from the human skin
taroki® by tacterion

Simple components with high potential.

Our advanced gripper elements are adaptive and can be customized with little effort to fit your application
More control and transparency

Dedicated taroki® analysis and control software

Comes with the T-800+
Evaluation Kit.
Intuitive, plug and play

Our Partners
Our origin speaks for itself

The brothers Michael & Daniel Strohmayr

founded tacterion in 2015 as a spin-off from the DLR (German Aerospace Center)

The patented sensor solution

was originally developed as a sensor-skin for robotics and was supposed to enable robots, machines, and products to feel the sensation of touch. The taroki® solution was specifically designed for robot effectors.

Visit tacterion
of experience in the field of sensors and robotics
Sensor Modules
to optimally address as many applications as possible
which were recognized with the "German Innovation Winner Award" in 2019
Our test kit can be purchased now

Join the tactile robotics movement!

The T-800+ taroki® Evaluation Kit.

The best option to start or extend your tactile automation applications. It is the only way to obtain tacterion’s sensor technology for robotic applications. Create automation programs by measuring the pattern and intensity of force concentrations and tilting angles. Gain new insights into your gripping process to increase reliability and productivity. Be inspired by industry use cases and get direct support from our developers.

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